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Why Kuala Lumpur is famous?

Seaya Holidays - Kuala Lumpur City Scape - Travel Inspiration

The modernity of Kuala Lumpur is incredible compared to other places in Malaysia. The city is stunning, besides practical and functional. The capital city of Malaysia is one of the fastest growing cities in Asia and is home to the iconic Twin Towers.

Kuala Lumpur is best known for some of the finest shopping centres in the world, its affordable luxury hotels, and its amazing cuisine.

The city has a mix of influences, including Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures, which means that there will be a huge array of tasty local dishes to try.

The colourful cultural hub of Malaysia has a lot of history and is culturally diverse, with plenty of things to do. Take a short walk or hop on the extensive train network and you’ll be able to visit various cultural sites from around the world.

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