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What island has been chosen to represent ‘Bali Hai’?

Seaya Holidays - Tioman Island Malaysia - Travel Inspiration

Tioman Island is a small island located in Malaysia that became famous as the filming location for the film South Pacific in 1958. The island has been chosen to represent ‘Bali Hai’ thanks to its amazing white sandy beaches and transparent blue waters. If you are looking for a tropical paradise in Malaysia then this is a great choice.

The island is part of the largest Mersing Marine Park, located on the east coast near Pahang and it’s the perfect spot to snorkel and snorkel, or just relax on the beach enjoying the stunning view.

One of the main reasons to go snorkelling on Tioman Island is the chance to see the amazing underwater life up close. The waters around the island are known to be home to graceful turtles and even black-tip sharks and you can dive about 25 meters from the shore.

Gunung Kajang or Mount Kajang is the highest mountain on Tioman Island and rises to a height of 1038 meters at the summit, making the hike to the summit of Kampung Paya both incredibly rewarding and challenging. It takes about 10 hours to get to the peak and get back.

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