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What exceptional things to do in Malaysian Borneo?

Seaya Holidays - Danum Valley Jungle in Sabah Borneo - Travel Inspiration

Borneo and the island of Sumatra are the last territories where you can see orangutans in semi-freedom. Trekking enthusiasts will find something for their passion in climbing: Mount Kinabalu, Southeast Asia’s highest mountain, rises to 4,095 meters and where the National Park is perfectly biodiverse.

The tropical island of Borneo is home to some of the most amazing natural wonders on earth. You’ll enjoy the best beaches in the world, amazing wildlife and incredible biodiversity.

The pygmy elephants of Borneo are a must-see. Genetically different from other Asian elephants, they were isolated from mainland elephants over 300,000 years ago. These are the smallest elephants in Asia and there are less than 1,500 of Bornean elephants left.

Seaya Holidays - Mount Kinabalu Malaysia Borneo - Travel Inspiration

For anyone with even a slight interest in hiking, Mt Kinabalu is the best trek in Borneo. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the highest mountain in Malaysia (4,095 meters). Even if you don’t want to hike up the mountain, it is worth the visit.

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