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What attracts tourists mostly to Langkawi Island?

Seaya Holidays - Langkawi Island - Travel Inspiration

The Langkawi archipelago lies in northwestern Malaysia, one of the most amazing countries in Southeast Asia.

What attracts tourists mostly to Langkawi Island is the beauty of this place.

Langkawi is the name of the main and largest island of all 99 islands that make up the archipelago. Many of the other islands that make up the archipelag.

The best time to travel to Langkawi without a doubt is between December and April. It doesn’t rain much and it’s usually hot and sunny during this period, great for those who are travelling for a short period of time.

One of Langkawi’s biggest attractions is the Sky Bridge, a curved bridge that sits on the top of a mountain near telaga harbour. To get there you will take a series of cable cars and will enjoy one of the best views on the island.

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